Experiencing Divorce or Familial Issues? How to Sell Your House Fast

Divorce or issues with family members are very stressful to deal with. Sometimes these issues may cause you to have to get rid of your house and find a new one that is better suited for you. Some of these instances include:

  • You went through a divorce and have to divide the assets.
    • Selling will make dividing the home’s value simple and easy.
    • You won’t have to worry about who gets to keep the house or deal with any other tension between the two of you over this.
  • Your parents or in-laws are getting old and you need a place with an in-law apartment or more space to accommodate them.
  • You have a family member or a child that needs to move in with you and you need more room for them. 

Familial issues and divorce are already stressful enough, and these problems may require attention as quickly as possible. The best way that you can solve these issues and prevent further pressure and tension is by selling your home swiftly. 

So, what is the best way to sell your home as fast as possible?

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Selling Your Home Fast

Selling your house quickly when you are going through a divorce or other familial issues is a great way to make the most money from it and release all of the stress associated with selling your home as soon as possible. You will already have stress from having to deal with issues like worrying about other accommodations for you or your family members and deciding how to equitably divide the assets, so you want to make the selling process as smooth as possible. 

Many people consider a realtor as their only option for selling their house. Realtors are often people’s go-to when they decide to sell their homes. However, they require an average commission of 6% and they average 45 days to get your house sold. The closing process can also take weeks to go through. Not only that, buyers will often request certain repairs before purchasing the home, and regular cleanings are needed to have showings and open houses. 

There is a better way to quickly sell your home. You can sell your house to House Buying Mamas. We are a home buying business that offers to buy houses “AS-IS,” for cash. If you live in Indiana, House Buying Mamas is a great option for you. 

Buying houses “AS-IS” means that we purchase houses in any condition. We will buy it without any repairs or cleanings. If you do not want certain furniture or supplies and decide to leave them in your home, that is completely fine. House Buying Mamas will take care of all the items you do not want and will offer you the best price for your home without cleanings or repairs. If you want to get rid of the stress associated with your home, you are not going to want to wait weeks or even months to sell your home. Plus, House Buying Mamas will save you money and time on closing costs. 

With House Buying Mamas you can close your house within 7 days or less, no repairs or cleanings are necessary, you do not have to pay any closing costs, we only enter your home once, and we even have resources to help you find your next home. You also will be able to get the cash for your home quickly without having to worry about going through any additional processes that people normally go through when closing on a home.

The first step to selling your home with House Buying Mamas is filling out our online form or giving us a call. 

You can call us at (317) 426-7292.

To learn more about how House Buying Mamas work and what other people have to say about us, visit our website: housebuyingmamas.com

Our number 1 rule is to find a solution that benefits you FIRST before our own interests.

House Buying Mamas is all about finding the right solution that benefits you when selling your house, NOT growing our pockets.
Don’t fall victim to the countless house buying companies and their low ball offers, leaving you in a worse situation than you started in. Or committing yourself to 6 months with a Realtor and endure a long process and picky buyers.

If we can’t directly help, we will help connect you with someone that can.

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